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My dad was in sales the majority of his career.  People would say he is a natural sales person.  But he would have disagreed.  He always told me it wasn't that he could "sell anything", but that when he loved and believed in something, he passionately wanted others to experience it as well.  And so for all of my growing up years he helped schools, libraries and individuals have access to educational products.  (yes, he really began selling encylcopedias door to door, during his summer months as  high school teacher)

I can not tell you the number of nights at our dinner table when questions came up on any number of subjects, the response was always "we don't guess, we look it up!"  Our conversations marked by the number of World Books stacked up at the dinner table.
Of course, now the internet has rapidly replaced having a set of encylcopedias.  I will always have affinity for the printed word, for holding information and transformation in my hands.  My heart warmed the other day when I saw the P volume at the kitchen table.  Rob said, "Samuel had a question about pandas and I know 'we don't guess, we look it up'."  There is much I want to instill in our children (!), and a love of reading is at the top of the list.

So what does this have at all to do with my title, Barefoot Books.  It is a long preamble (for I evidently know no other way), to speak of my own sales career.  Typing those words, I laugh.  For it is not a sales career...but an intersection.  Becoming a mom for the first time at age 40, has meant that I had many years working outside the home.  With my MBA in hand, for quite a while I enjoyed the financial world.  And even now, am always working spreadsheets and analysis into our lives.  Since leaving that world, I have often thought of having a home based business.  But nothing has ever gotten me excited.  Hmm, if I sell that, I'd have to start wearing make up....or if this one, my cooking would have to step up a notch.  I love going to parties where such products are sold, but it was not where my own passion existed.  It would be "selling" not sharing something I'm excited about.

Then a few weeks ago, I was flipping through a magazine while waiting at a doctors office.  It was a list of 'top' home based businesses.  My eyes stopped when I saw Barefoot Books.  I thought we have some of those at home and Samuel loves them.  When I got home I took a look at them, yep they were Barefoot.  I've always loved the art work and illustrations in them.  And have loved their global perspective.  For when we read them Samuel sees children who look like him.  I was so thrilled that they are sold by individuals.  Then I decided, I can do this to raise funds for our adoption (and who knows, may love it that I keep going).  What a wonderful intersection.  I've been looking for something to do from home, we will need extra funds for our adoption expenses and I love books and reading!

And so without further ado, I announce that I am a Barefoot Books Ambassador.  20-40% of sales will go towards helping bring our son or daughter home from the Philippines.  If you would like to purchase a book or cd, click on the link to the right and it will direct you to my page on the Barefoot Books website.  Take a look, they have some beautiful stories and products.
I have also set up a facebook business page, Gillgrist Barefoot Adoption.  I will be posting book reviews and promotions there.  Whew...I don't have to remember that a clove of garlic is different than a bulb- but that's a story for another time.

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  1. Melanie,

    Fun to see how all of this has led to your starting this type of "business". I share your love of reading and instilling the lifetime love of books in the children in my life! I also grew up with World Books everywhere. My dad would take down the dictionaries after dinner (2 volume set) and spend time looking at words. My mom still has a set of the encyclopedias and will not part with them:) Do you remember the gadget where you would put in paper "discs" and answer questions by turning the wheel..."cyclo-teacher" or something like that! I had one of the first ones and LOVED it!
    I will have to take a look at the Barefoot Books website! Do stay in touch! We will praying for you!